Arabic Calendar & Tuition

Course schedule for Summer 2018

For Summer, 2018, the CLC is offering two intensive (45-60 hr) sessions in Arabic. During each session, students complete one university level in Modern Standard Arabic.

Session I: Monday, July 9th through Tuesday, July 24th (At least one Saturday class included)

Session II: Thursday, July 26th through Saturday, August 11th 

For Course Descriptions, click here.

For any other information, please contact our Arabic Program Coordinator, Mr. Brahim Zoubairi (actual address is without spaces)



Daily Schedule

All courses run five days a week, Monday through Friday, and sometimes a Saturday is included, and include 3-4 contact hours per day.

Beginning Modern Standard Arabic (1001 and 1002) =60 contact hours per level.

Intermediate and High Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic (2002 and up): =45 total contact hours per level.



  • Tuition 1001 or 1002 (=60 contact hours/level). 7000 dh / level
  • Tuition per level above 1002  (=45 contact hours/level) ..5800 dh/ level
  • Administrative fee (non-reimbursable except if the course is cancelled by the CLC)….900 dh (upon application)


Students may bring their own copies of the books below or purchase them from the CLC.

Alif-Ba (third edition) 500 dh *

al-Kitab fi taallum al-arabiya Part One (third edition) ……………750 dh *

al-Kitab fi taallum al-arabiya Part Two (third edition) .…………..750 dh *

(all by Kristin Brustad and Mahmoud Al-Batal)


**Please check with our program coordinator ,Mr. Brahim Zoubairi (without spaces), concerning the textbook you will be using for your level.Prices for these books in Morocco may vary according to the dollar/dirham exchange rate. A student is free to purchase the textbook in the US, where the price is generally lower.



1. Students applying for these courses (for university credit hours) through the University of Georgia, Athens, should be familiar with the information provided here .

2.Tuition may be paid in dollars, Euros, pounds, or dirhams by direct bank transfer. Please contact the CLC Director, Michael Fitzgerald ( without spaces) for details on how to do this. We are unable to accept payment by check or credit card from abroad, although credit/bank card payments may be made by someone already in Morocco. The current rate of exchange between the dirham and other currencies may be found by clicking here.

3. Tuition is based on a class that has 5 or more students enrolled in it (with the limit being 10).If the class you sign up for has 3 or 4 students in it, the total number of hours offered will be reduced proportionately, since the remaining students will be given a greater amount of personal attention and participation time. Classes with fewer than three students will be cancelled and all fees refunded.

4. Reimbursement policy applying to all students:

Refunds requested 30 days or more before the first class of the session = 100% of tuition; admin fee non-refundable.

Refunds requested 29 to 15 days before the first class of the session =  50% of tuition; admin fee non-refundable.

No reimbursements are possible after fifteen days before the first class of the session.

5. DEADLINE TO RECEIVE APPLICATIONS: Preferably, 2 weeks days before the first class of the session being applied for.

6. If you would like to apply for the Arabic program, please use the form provided through this link:



Save the form to your computer, type in the information requested, save it one more time, and attach it to an email to (without spaces).



For students who wish, the CLC has a special arrangement with Residence Mouna, a 5-minute walk from the CLC, which is an apartment-hotel. The rooms are air-conditioned and each has a kitchenette. There is also a restaurant in the building. There are also separate furnished apartments in the neighborhood.

For more information on housing contact weinman@clcmorocco . org (no spaces).