The CLC offers courses in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Moroccan Dialectal Arabic (MDA) for non-Arabic speakers. We have worked over the years with programs from the University of Georgia (Athens), Northeastern University (Boston), Lewis and Clark College (Portland), the Cambridge Muslim College, Mirage Academy (Tennessee), and NSLI-Y, as well as with individual students with particular goals in Arabic. Contact our Arabic program coordinator, Brahim Zoubairi, to set up an on-line chat about your particular goals in Arabic:

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Tashelhit (Shulha) is the variety of Amazigh (Berber) spoken by over 7 million people in the south of Morocco. Our courses in this language, like all CLC courses, are aimed helping the student become communicative in the language as soon as possible. Students have included researchers who need to work in Tashelhit-speaking areas as well as people who simply wish to be able to communicate with Tashelhit-speakers in their mother tongue. For information concerning our courses, on-line or in-person, contact Brahim Zoubairi ( by email to set up an on-line chat about your specific needs.

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